Elizabeth Street, San Francisco

Elizabeth Street, San Francisco


Steve and his team are building homes and businesses through strong relationships with their clients. The foundation of these relationships starts with a clear process, which includes a well defined plan, clear objectives, strong communication and an efficient use of recourses. This ensures a smooth project from inception to completion, from planning, to design and all the way through construction.

Steve is experienced in development projects and manages the construction for each of his clients, while utilizing a strong team of artisans to deliver successful projects. Teutonic Construction uses a process with the following elements.


Teutonic Construction works with each client to ensure that project objectives are defined and a clear construction plan is developed. A delineation of scope, budget, schedule, performance requirements and project participants are all discussed in partnership. Services and solutions are directed toward ensuring owner objectives of time, cost and quality.


Elizabeth Street, San Francisco

Elizabeth Street, San Francisco

A clear construction plan is developed using the objectives of the project. Teutonic Construction coordinates design, work estimates, contracting and construction throughout the entire process.


Effective communication and practices are developed that resolve any challenges during the project. Owner, architect and contractor (OAC) meetings are scheduled regularly to keep communication flowing and the schedule on track.


Teutonic Construction understands value engineering and will work to ensure that resource efficiency is maximized when procuring abor, materials and equipment.